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Octopus Wetsuits



This website offers a catalogue of projects we made during the last years, but as we are a production company, we are able to produce nearly everything with neoprene, lycra and nylon. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or specific price offers.

Wetsuits and Neoprene Wear

Octopus Wetsuits produces wetsuits with different thicknesses of neoprene : 1.8 mm, 3 mm or 5 mm over different sizes: from 3XS to 3XL and even beyond. Wetsuits can also be taylor made. Many designs and colors are possible. We print logos and sizes.

Mask straps (Covers and Velcro)

Octopus Wetsuits produces your neoprene mask straps. The thickness of the neoprene is 3 mm or 5 mm in many colors. It is possible to print special designs and logos. We can produce your design and even make smaller sizes for children.

Hoods and Headbands

Octopus Wetsuits produces dive hoods and neoprene headbands with 3 mm neoprene or 5 mm neoprene. Many colors available. We can print different designs and logos. We can make your design too.


Octopus Wetsuits produces all types of nylon dive bags  with strong nylon mesh, safety belt and YKK-zipper. We have different colors : black, blue, red, orange, yellow and pink. We can make all sizes and designs, add pockets, reinforce by foam and print logo, numbers, and so on.


Octopus Wetsuits produces your lycra shirts/rash guards, lycra Full Suits, lycra pants and all other lycra items in different colors and different designs. Sizes go from 3XS to 3XL and even beyond (Tailor Made). This includes children sizes. We can print your logo on the lycra.

Covers and Protectors

We make Neoprene Covers for your material, and protective covers for knees, wrist,… It is possible to print logos and numbers and different colors are available as background color.


The dive socks are made with 3 mm neoprene in different sizes. Many colors are available. It is also possible to print any design on the socks. We can print/label the socks with logo and sizes. he bottom of the socks can be provided with anti-slip profile.


Octopus Wetsuits can make keyrings with neoprene and/or nylon (Taylor Made), lanyards, sun glass straps. Many colors and designs are available. It is possible to stitch or print logos.


We have developed a full program for bars of neoprene items, as beer coolers, can coolers, coolers with zippers, foldable coolers, bar mats and coasters. We have 1.8 mm, 3 mm and 7 mm neoprene. We print your logo and your design.

Protective Masks

We make these Protective Face Masks with 3 mm neoprene or with non-woven material. The shape of the Face Mask is strong to enable easy breathing. We have 2 sizes : for children and for adults. These Face Masks are re-usable and washable. We can print many designs and logos.


We are developing a program of CoolFeel- and Sport Shirts produced and printed in our workshop.

We can make nearly and design and colors.

Muay Thai

We are developing a program of lycra shirts, hoods, bags and accessories for Muay Thai centres. More info is following soon.

Life Jackets

These Life Jackets are produced with special foam (unbreakable) and special nylon. We use strong safety belts. There are different sizes and we can make extra big or small sizes. The items are available in orange and/or yellow. We can print with screening.